The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, F∴R∴C∴, was founded, in 1915, by Arthur Edward Waite - mystic, poet, and a foremost authority on western esotericism - to give form and substance to his vision of a fraternity, wholly Christian in character, that would provide practical, ceremonial expression for the spiritual aspirations of esoteric Christians.

Historically the F∴R∴C∴ is a descendant of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but its ethos is very different. The Golden Dawn was essentially a magical Order, and Waite, who had been an early member, had grown increasingly unhappy about its emphasis on magic. He knew in his heart that magic and mysticism cannot co-exist in the same Order, and eventually he gave up his struggle to remodel the Golden Dawn from within and set about the creation of a new, wholly Christian and wholly mystical Order.

And yet it is a true esoteric Order, conforming to the definition of Dion Fortune, for whom such a fraternity should be one 'wherein a secret wisdom unknown to the generality of mankind might be learnt, and to which admission was obtained by means of an initiation in which tests and ritual played their part'. What distinguishes the F∴R∴C∴ from most other esoteric Orders is its rejection of magic and its absolute commitment to Christ, in which it remains true to the aspirations and objects of the original Rosicrucian manifestos - although it looks upon Christ as a universal saviour and firmly rejects a sectarian view of Christianity. ...[Read More]